Gain precision in challenging machining environments

The LMF 9310 is a multi-section linear encoder that applies motion control innovations from HEIDENHAIN. It integrates an LMK scanning head, TTL incremental signals, and an inductive measuring tape clamped on a guide rail, making it virtually impervious to contaminants.

Built for better machining

The rugged construction of the LMF 9310 provides high-accuracy feedback and long-term durability. It is designed to improve machining quality while reducing costly errors, scrap, and downtime.

Accuracy grade ±20µm

5v incremental TTL signals

Distance-coded reference marks

Durability you can rely on

Acu-Rite Solutions encoders are the most reliable on the market, easy to install, and supported from North America. The LMF 9310 withstands even the harshest environments with proper mounting and protection.

IP 67 when mounted per instructions

Durable and rugged scale case

Retrofit 100+ machine makes and models

“Acu-Rite Solutions is an industry standard.”

“The reliability, longevity, and accuracy of the Acu-Rite Solutions systems are definitely there. We have systems five, six years old that we’ve never had an issue with, and that’s extremely important from an investment perspective.”

Brandon Haselden
AVP Academic Affairs/Dean
Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Frequently asked questions

The measuring length of the LMF 9310 linear encoder ranges from 3,150 to 18,270 mm, in increments of 180 mm.

Yes. This measuring system uses inductive measuring tape clamped on an integrated guiderail. When installed properly, the encoder has an IP rating of 67, making it virtually impervious to contaminants.

Get support for LMF 9310

Contact our technical support representatives based in North America and browse on-demand support resources.

Technical Support Call Center
Available 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT

USA: (847) 490-0351
Canada: +1 905 670 8900
Mexico: +52 449 913 0870

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