Yes, if you know how to use an easy-to-use Acu-Rite Solutions MILLPWR control, it is important to recognize that you also already know how to use the new TURNPWR control for lathes. Just released, this new TURNPWR is designed for CNC lathe applications utilizing a common UI platform between the two that allows for easy transition.

Also, the screen layout and graphics on the new TURNPWR are the same as the MILLPWR making for straight-forward intuitive use by past MILLPWR users. This allows for quick transition to CNC lathe control immediately following a TURNPWR installation in those shops.

The new TURNPWR, of course, does have added turning features for controlled lathe machining. These standard state-of-the-art features operate via a conversational programming language or G-code (ISO) programming and are employed as chosen by the operator. It is extremely intuitive and designed for turning machine tools with up to two axes plus spindle.

The TURNPWR was developed to satisfy the wants and needs of lathe machinists where manual and automated operation are both useful and needed. It promises to enable the user to maximize throughput by significantly reducing set-up time, scrap and other non-productive operations, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity and profitability.